Sunday, January 29, 2012

. Parisian Pizza .

A few years ago, the fam and I went to Europe. The first meal we had after the long, long, long flight was pizza. I'm not sure what makes me still talk about this particular pizza ... Maybe it was so, so good because we were all so, so hungry for real food.

Regardless, I still talk about this stuff.

When I think about that night, all I can really remember is the dark restaurant, the crowded tables, and deliriousness that came with such a whirlwind kind of day ... and this pizza.

{Mom and I at dinner: Flammachaleka de Paris}
Then they brought out this decadent flat bread pizza that smelled so good. They slapped it on our tables and cut it -- right in front of us. There were three different kinds and they were so. friggin. good.

I've attempted to recreate the goodness today in honor of the Pro Bowl. Or because it's Sunday. Or because it's sunny out.

Here's what you'll need:

- 8 Ounces of Cream Cheese (I used reduced fat!)
- 1 Pizza Crust (I used thin crust Pillsbury pizza crust)
- 1.5 Pounds of Mushrooms
- 2 Cups Panchetta
- Garlic
- Onion
- Butter (just a couple of tablespoons)
- Olive Oil
- Salt and Peppa To Taste

Step Zero: Set out your cream cheese. Don't forget this part. It gets ugly if you do.
1. Prep your pizza dough as directed. The Pillsbury kind asks you to bake it for five minutes first.
2. Throw your mushrooms in a pan with the butter, some salt, pepper, cut up onion, and garlic. Let them simmer until they're done. I love mushrooms. Have I told you?
3. Throw the panchetta into a pan with some olive oil and let it cook. I love panchetta. Have I told you?

4. Put the softened cream cheese into a bowl with some pepper and garlic (I like garlic, too) and blend. Blend. Blend some more. Blend until it's spreadable.
Sidenote: I didn't set my cream cheese out to let it soften. Therefore, I added a little sour cream to the mixture to get it to become a little more pliable. 
5. Spread the cream cheese mixture onto the pizza. Omygoodness. I know. I know.

6. After draining the liquid from the mushrooms, lay them on top of the cream cheese mixture.
7. Pile the finished panchetta on top of the mushrooms.
8. Cook until the edges of your pizza become brown.
9. Cool.
10. Eat.

This pizza is not quite as good as it was that night in Paris. Maybe it's because that pizza was made in one of those fancy shmancy pizza fire oven things. Or, maybe it was because on that particular night, we were famished -- so anything would've been fantastic. Or, maybe it's because in Paris, things are always just ... better.

xoxo Bec

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